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LOP Rabbits

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lop Rabbits have various kinds / types, among others English barrel, holland barrel, barrel Dwarfs, American Fuzzy Lop, Angora / angora barrel, French barrel, etc..
Among the various Lop rabbits as mentioned above, the relatively most famous is Home Lop (Lop Rabbit English).

The hallmark of the barrel type generally is a form of head width, and ears that hang from the base of the head to the side of cheek, not like other rabbits who generally have erect ears.

At an early age have not shown barrel rabbit ear koploh, until the age of 2-4 months before they see a change in the position of the ear. At first glance this species such as dogs, interesting, and very funny so popular with many people.


Holland Lop Rabbits have long ears and fall, pug nose. While the French have the ears of super-long barrel to touch the ground, but the species is quite difficult to live in Indonesia. Body length 12-23cm. The variation of the color white or gray. Eyes red or brown.


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