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Tips to keep the fish in order to live healthy

Posted by Unknown on Friday, January 18, 2013

Until now, the aquarium is a wonderful room decoration and interesting, especially when the fish inside of the expensive kind. But it is not uncommon aquarium fish looks lazy to move, thus reducing beauty.

How to keep healthy fish can, agile and easy on the eyes?
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Posted by Unknown

According to the info this cat developed Dr. Thompson (USA) from the queen cat wong want (Burma) and Siamese.
Brown weasels, other colors are blue, champagne, Lifa, red, brown, and blue turtles.

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I've been not posting, finally this time I will post back. In this post I will discuss about the yorkshire terrier puppy. Yorkshire Terrier is a dog that is often called Yorkie (informally). These dogs are known and the initial population in England, in the 1800s. Yorkshire Terrier breed of dog erupakan into the category of toy dogs, because the size of a small body and small. Although the dog is included as a type of terrier dogs, but dogs are very friendly and funny, and very friendly with the dog owners or people who are considered familiar. In addition, for females, this dog can be a good mother, because they can handle their children properly.
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Norwich Canary

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Developed as a "type canary", this bird has its own history. Flam-weaver weavers nation that nurtures these birds had fled to England, to menghindani massacre the Spaniards. They live in the Norwich area in Norflok (UK). These were the ones keeping this bird kelestanian. Norwich canary is a canary today that menanik.

These birds have a thick fur group and has a versatile form of "round". With a broad chest, short back broad, short wings and short tail, and short half-life as well. These birds are numerous and have a green color menanik. These rare birds are white. Between 15-16 cm in length.

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Sphynx cats

Posted by Unknown on Thursday, June 7, 2012

You wish to maintain hairless cat? Certainly will be hard to find. Cat breeds Sphynx (hairless Canadian) is a race with cats that have short hair or very little.

Cat fur is very soft like a thin layer of the skin, Ras is generated from the cats who have a genetic mutation.

As reported by Dailymail, cat looks more like a race is called Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings films of pets.

But now, almost 20 years after the race was coming to England, sphynx is finally recognized by the Regulatory Council Of The Cat Fancy, the country.

Sphynx was first brought to England from Canada by Jan Plumb, of Enfield, in 1988.

"This is the first natural mutation in the mid-Sixties was born in Ontario," he said.
Earlier, in 1960 a pair of local cat short haired Canadian bear children without hair and in 1970 Cat fanciers Association (CFA) to give the cat's status as the Canadian hairless Ras.

CFA sphynx then race in 1998 and in 2000 had registered 120 race Sphynx cats in CFA.

Now after the start there breeding, this type of flare hunted man, because in addition to no hair, it is also very spoiled cat to the caregiver.
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Posted by Unknown on Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lovebird bird is one of the best birds to be birds. One of the smallest birds in the parrot family. But size is not a problem to maintain this beautiful bird. Lovebird has a melodious chirping and playful. Lovebird care is generally very easy, but behind it we have to spend a lot of time to keep the birds healthy and lovebird always be our friend at the time relaxing. There are some things that our pet lovebird bird healthy and happy will always make us who booms or games conducted by our pet lovebird.

Things to consider in the care of the lovebird is

  •  Diet
In the wild, Lovebird eating a variety of foods including vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes even worms and carrion. So we try to customize the menu of natural foods that they enjoy at home. We realize that the birds are free dialam usually do a lot of movement without being restricted by place, rather than a bird that we maintain the stable. 

So the birds that are stable, have a high amount of fat that can make us lazy pet lovebird to chirp. In this case the food that you can give your lovebird should be limited, in addition to saving costs. First, almost everyone thinks that giving grain in large quantities can make a healthy bird lovebird, This is a dangerous way of thinking. Give a lot of grain can cause obesity, high cholesterol, nutritional deficits and may cause birds lovebird we become less resistant to disease and even cancer!

Setting a good diet to keep your Lovebird is required to keep it healthy. Diet of fresh vegetables, pellets, nuts, grains, and protein in the form of eggs. Fruit should also be provided once or twice a week. the provision of grain should be given in small amounts.

  • Cage
The size of the cage is very important. Lovebird should be able to stretch and flap their wings without hitting the side of the cage or toy. There are things to consider as well as perch. Natural wooden perch is highly recommended and in accordance with the size of the bird foot to foot to avoid luka.jarak bars are also very important because if the lattice spacing of greatness can cause injury to the head is stuck between the bars.

Lovebird bird likes to climb, so a suitable enclosure that allows horizontal our pet lovebird playing, climbing and hanging. Lovebird cage placement is very important, because it needs sunlight to process vitamin D in calcium absorption. Cage is placed near a window if possible.

Lovebird requires a minimum of ten hours of sleep. so when it is dusk, lovebird cage would be nice, we kerodong to break our pet birds are not disturbed. Lovebird requires a lot of toys to keep them busy in the cage. Exchange once a month to prevent boredom.

  • Care
Care is important for our lovebird health. lovebird has dandruff, it looks like a small white dust. So Lovebird need a shower every day, in the sense we have to provide another container in the cage other than beverage containers. Most lovebird will have fun playing in the water.

We must give more attention to the bird's favorite kita.bila too long nails cut, cutting the nails have to be careful because it can cause bleeding if you cut one nail.

And lastly, avoid bird lovebird of poisonous gas, poisonous plants and always clean the lovebird's cage to avoid any pests that can cause us suffering from pet birds. Provide fresh water and food every day for bird lovebird.
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