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Shiba Inu

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shiba Inu is a breed of dog that originated in Japan that has existed since ancient times. Dogs of this type is one of the most favorite dog in Japan. This type of medium-sized dog, with male height of about 38-41 cm., whereas female height of about 35-38 cm.

The name Shiba dog Shiba Inu which means a minimum of 3 kinds of theory of the origin of the name of this dog. Some say because this type of smart dog broke through the bushes when accompanied hunting, some say because of the color of reddish brown fur like a burning sun up to resemble the color of twigs, dry bushes (aka Shiba; red bush), there who said because of "small" (ancient Japanese for "small" is a Shiba). In addition, some say this type of dog native of the village of Shiba in the Shinshu region.


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