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Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Friday, January 18, 2013

I've been not posting, finally this time I will post back. In this post I will discuss about the yorkshire terrier puppy. Yorkshire Terrier is a dog that is often called Yorkie (informally). These dogs are known and the initial population in England, in the 1800s. Yorkshire Terrier breed of dog erupakan into the category of toy dogs, because the size of a small body and small. Although the dog is included as a type of terrier dogs, but dogs are very friendly and funny, and very friendly with the dog owners or people who are considered familiar. In addition, for females, this dog can be a good mother, because they can handle their children properly.
The texture of the hair of this dog is long, soft, shiny, smooth, and looks like a silk thread. Traditionally this would grow long hair to cover their feet. For hair care needs are assigned the extra attention, if you want to get good results and good for a dog yorkshire.
At birth the dog yorkshire born with hair the color black and tan. However, when large or meranjak adults, their hair color will change by itself. As Black and Tan, Blue and tan, Blue and Gold, Black and Gold, there is also a visible silver. 

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