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Birds Turtledoves

Posted by Unknown on Saturday, May 26, 2012

Whur ketekuk, whurr ketekuk, kuk kuk ...  
Fans of chirping birds must be very familiar with the sound of singing. A song is a distinctive sound of birds turtledove is a gig
Turtledove (Geopelia striata, families Columbidae) is a kind of small bird, gray color that kept many people because of the beauty of her voice. In the tradition of Indonesia, especially Java, this bird is very well known and popular, even a bit more "exalted" compared with other domestic birds.

Turtledove turtledoves are closely related, computers, and pigeons. A cross (hybrid) between the turtledove and the cuckoo bird is known in the world as a decorative "sinom" (Javanese) and has a specific pattern of its own voice.

Morfologisnya characteristics:
  • Small-bodied birds turtledove. Ranged between 20-25 cm in length.
  • Rounded head of small, gray.
  • Beak long, tapered and grayish blue.
  • Bird's-eye with the iris round turtledove gray bluish.
  • Her neck is rather long and covered with fine hairs.
  • Around the chest and neck feathers form a pattern of transverse lines are black and white.
  • Hair covering its body brown turtledove.
  • On the wing feathers are dark brown transverse lines.
  • Tail feathers are also brown a little long.
  • The radius of turtledoves, amounting to 8 with nails runcing.Jadi number is 4 foot fingers.
  • Three of the four fingers in front and in back of a finger.
  • The radius of turtledoves useful to roost.

Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Aves
  • Order: Columbiformes
  • Family: Columbidae
  • Genus: Geopelia
  • Species: G. striata

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