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Tips to keep the fish in order to live healthy

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Friday, January 18, 2013

Until now, the aquarium is a wonderful room decoration and interesting, especially when the fish inside of the expensive kind. But it is not uncommon aquarium fish looks lazy to move, thus reducing beauty.

How to keep healthy fish can, agile and easy on the eyes?

  • Choose healthy seedlings
Most importantly, buy healthy fish. For this it is necessary foresight and patience. Do not hurry in buying ornamental fish, observe their behavior well. Feature - the hallmark of healthy fish, among others, his body is not deformed or injured, bright colors and active. If you need to do quarantine for 2-3 weeks, if during that time the fish stay healthy new maintained in an aquarium.
  • Keep water quality
Water quality can be maintained by replacing it regularly every 1 to 2 weeks. Replacement is done by siphoning the water at the bottom of the tank using a plastic hose. The volume of water that was replaced just half of the original volume. It would be better if the water is deposited replacement first day and night.

Aside from fish waste and food scraps, water quality degradation can also be caused by the smells, cigarette smoke and spray - spray household remedy (air freshener or insecticide). To that end, the top of the aquarium should be given cover.
  • Give food varied
In addition to artificial food, the fish need to be fed natural foods, such as daphnia (water fleas), mosquito larvae (larva), silk worms (tubifex), and others - others. Providing varied diet aims to balance the needs of vitamins and minerals in the body of the fish. Food given in moderation, try not to left.
  • Note the density of fish
Aquarium overcrowding can lead to stress on the fish. Ideal density of the fish to live comfortably spacious calculated by dividing the aquarium (in cm2) with a total length of farmed fish. It can also be based on the volume of water with the calculations, each 1 cm long fish need water some 1.5 cubic centimeters.

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