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Flemish Giant

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flemish Giant Rabbit, including the type of "giant" because of his immense for the size of rabbits in general, the weight can reach 13 kg. This rabbit with special feed weighed 22.23 kg never reached and entered the Guinness World Records.
General characteristics of Flemish Giant is having a long body (as an adult more than 51 cm), and big, thick boned, and full chest. Head width, long ears and thick, and standing (as an adult length of the ear more than 15 cm), and has an great legs, long and sturdy.

The color of the Flemish giant rabbit that recognized is black, blue, light yellow brown (Fawn), abu2 light, such as sand (sandy), abu2 iron (steel gray), and white.


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