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Cichlid Afrika

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Coral lakes in Africa held so much mystery and also so many beautiful species of fish

Most freshwater fish cichlid species have particular colors are amazing and very interesting behavior

Let us enjoy the existing species of this .....

Nimbochromis venustus  

This fish comes from the lake reefs in Africa and is a rather aggressive species. Including the cichlid piscivore (fish eater). Would be a predator for fish to devour.

Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus

If you have enough room in the aquarium, you might try to preserve this species. This cichlid fish from open waters in Lake Malawi and can grow quite large. Types of predators are attractive, will become more aggressive in mating season. Not recommended to be mixed with other fish about the size of his mouth.

Sciaenochromis fryeri - Electric Blue  

The males of this species has a bright blue color that lights up like a neon light, whereas females are brownish with some colored vertical stripes are darker. An aggressive species, males will fight each other in a small aquarium, and very intolerant of other cichlid fishes with similar colors.

Aulonocara nyasae - The Peacoc

Various types of cichlid called "Peacock" is derived from coral lakes in Africa. This species is one of the most frequently encountered in the aquarium hobby.

Protomelas similis

This species is sometimes called "blue cichlid face" (blue-faced cichlid). Female types of micro-predator fish is somewhat smaller than the male fish. Will be the butt when kept together with species of the larger and more aggressive 

Melanochromis auratus 

Mbuna cichlid species are very popular from lake Malawi cichlid Africa but also including a very "naughty" and active. Male fish will change color when they reach maturity and become very aggressive towards other males when about to spawn. Love the plants in the "menu" of food.  

 Pseudotropheus zebra 

One of the cichlid "zebra" the most common, a very attractive species. Also known as the "blue cichlid". Including cichlid "mouthbrooder" (cichlid which lay eggs in the oral cavity) cichlids, females stop eating fish while incubating eggs. 

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