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American Eskimo Dog

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Saturday, May 5, 2012

American Eskimo dogs, including family members Spitz / Spitze. That is the hallmark of type dog with standing ears, thick fur, and tail curled. American Eskimo Dog Race, often called 'Eskie'.

American Eskimo dog has three variations of size, namely:
  • Standard
  • Mini
  • Toy
For the sake of the dog show three variations are located in separate classes.
American Eskimo Dog was originally known as the Spitz / German Spitz, because it is less popular then bred and renamed the American Eskimo. Standard American Eskimo dog looks very similar to the Samoyed. American Eskimo then become increasingly popular as watchdogs, as family pets, also popular as a circus dog who is good at doing various tricks of agility. American Eskimo dog is lively and intelligent dog.

American Eskimo dogs are also classified as a Nordic dog. That is the sort of dogs that came from Scandinavia and the surrounding areas such as Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Other breeds are also classified as Nordic Norwegian Elkhound and Swedish Vallhund.

The unique character of the American Eskimo Dog is a bright white color of hair, black lips, nose and eyes, erect triangular ears. Hair is composed of two layers thick. The inner layer (Undercoat) is dense and consists of short hair. While the outer layer consists of a length of hair and looks blooming protect the entire body. Thick hair that requires regular maintenance such as brushed and bathed.


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