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Betta Fish

Posted by Muhammad Jibril on Sunday, May 6, 2012

Betta fish (Betta sp.) Is a freshwater fish native habitat are some countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This fish has a unique shape and character, and tend to be aggressive in defending territory. Among fans, Betta fish are generally divided into three groups, namely ornamental hickey, hickey complaints, and wild hickey.

Betta fish are one of the strong fish survive for long periods so that when the fish is placed in a container with a volume of water slightly and without any air circulation equipment (aerator), these fish can still survive. 
Almost all types of Betta fish live in fresh water, this can be found by us such as rivers, swamps, etc.. Betta fish have a flat and slim body shape, head of the snout rather pointed, thick lips, with the fins, tail, and different colors in his body. Hickey fields, usually somewhat pale in color, both males and females. Hickey who was to come from Singapore, Medan, and Chart-fire Siapi body shape and color varies. 
Betta fish characteristics are as follows: slender-bodied and compressed, the head of a pointed snout, a thick lip ring, has the pectoral fin, tie, pelvic fin, dorsal fin, anal fin, tail and colorful fish from each of Hickey, a relative of the species and their origins. 
Betta fish is divided into two types; 
  •  Types of Ornamental Fish Betta. 
Ornamental hickey usually characterized by the exotic appearance, ranging from variations in color, the dorsal fin, pelvic fin, anal fin and tail. As seen drawn kumpai ornamental fish Betta, and serit looks so beautiful from both the fins and body color on the fish page.
  • Fighter Betta types: 
This type of fighting Betta (fighter) in general these fish are from Singapore, (betta imbellis), or better known as the Singapore belgi. While the fighter betta fish that come from Indonesia from the Chart Siapi-fire (var Sumatraensis imbellis betta).

The nature of the Betta fish are fond of a fight When two (2) adult betta fish in a container, then the fight between each other inescapable. As a result of his love of it, often many betta fish are injured. Injuries resulting from fights, both pectoral fins, back, abdomen and even anal bloody tail torn bite his opponent. Hence craze of betta fighting fish, betta fish a lot of lovers who want to have it. In addition to enjoy its beauty, also liked to shoot betta fish. A sense of excitement and pride when his betta fish become champions in the arena fights hickey.Betta fish, types of food:
  • Water bug
  • Wiggler
  • Silk worm
Betta fish can live in all kinds of fresh water. With water temperatures between 22-32 oC. Betta fish can be found in ditch water rice fields, swampy puddles, or in reservoirs etc.. If we use the water from PAM (water company) they will be running water in the tub endapkan / pool for 1-2 days, to remove chlorine etc. Kind generally cultivated Betta Betta fish import, such as hickey Bangkok, Singapore and hickey hickey from Chart Siapi-fire. For Betta fish originating from Chart Siapi-fire (Indonesia) are now much is grown. Due to the relative breeding betta fish need a big place, and the cost is also relatively large, many betta fish just use the page, side or back home, and the result is quite a blessing.

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